The World That Was The Island That Was The World

Bex approached us back in 2022, looking for a collaborator to develop a website that would host a decade long project of an island off the coast of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The project is a documentary universe, endeavouring the capture a record of a community of people living on an island that is gradually disappearing. […]

Margate Creative Land Trust

We were the winning bid for the website design and branding of the Margate Creative Land Trust, newly established in 2022 as part of the Town’s Deal funding.  The Trust was established to create stability in the private rental market for artist studio and practice spaces, as well as provide affordable spaces in the area […]

The Lexi Cinema

Client: The Lexi CinemaYear: 2021Website:


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Margate Film Festival

Since the initial conception of the festival, we have been designing and developing digital assets spanning across social media marketing, targeted advertising and the website. The festival first launched in 2018 in Margate, where there was no cinema or regular film activity. The festival continues to champion local talent in the industry and showcase the […]

Calling The Shots

Calling The Shots is a Bristol-based film & TV production company that develops and produces projects by emerging writers and creatives. Recent commissioning partners include the BBC, Channel 4, Arts Council England, the BFI and the AHRC.  CTS approached us knowing our background in film & festivals, looking for a new website and brand refreshed […]

Dissolving Earths

Dissolving Earths is a digital exhibition which brings together a artists, writers, ecologists, geographers, astronomers, shamans, and more – all whose lives and work are embedded in the Siberian permafrost regions and those tracing their implicated relationship from afar. The website presents a curation of works which only exist in this digital domain; film, photography, […]


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