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These are a collection of recommendations for core WordPress features and functionality. The best part of using WordPress is the scalability of the software, so whether you have a simple one-page site or an extensive e-commerce store, everything is built to fit your needs.

I’m always happy to advise on more bespoke requirements for hosting, services, plugins, SEO or security – whatever you’re after. I have an extensive knowledge of the platform and can tailor your options to your budget, however big or small – so there’s no need to be overpaying for services! Find me at hello[@]kateewilliamson.com

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Website hosting

WPEngine WordPress Hosting
By far my most trusted hosting provider, most suitable for mid-large websites rather than small ones due to the cost though this link will give you 3-months off your first year. They offer daily backups, staging sites and automatic plugin updates, as well as great security, uptime and customer service. If your website is core to your business, I wouldn’t go with anybody else!

Security, firewalls & CDNs


The best 3rd-party software-service, which offers malware cleanup, monitoring and security tightening through a firewall service. They also offer daily backups, which is idea for those whose hosting service doesn’t cover already. 

Plugins & Add-Ons

Elementor (visual builder)

Absolute essential for visual design in WordPress, Elementor allows you to build every part of the website from header to footer, along with custom post/product layouts and unlimited options to display content. You can build reusuable blocks and even copy and paste elements from other websites directly into yours. 

The Plus – Elementor Add-Ons

The Plus Add-ons is an expansive package of widgets, animation effects and tools to bring interactivity and excitement to your website. Their website includes demo versions of everything which can be easily copied with the click of a button.  

WebToffee WooCommerce Product Import-Export & Invoicing 

Great selection of WooCommerce focused add-ons that extend the options to import and export your product data (excellent if you want to bulk edit offline in excel or similar). 


The essential all-in-one tool for website cacheing, speed and image compression. Improves your Google rankings and user experience.

SEO & Analytics


In-depth real-time user analytics dashboard which integrates with Google Analytics to provide an easy to understand overview of your audience. 


Extensive SEO, search traffic and keyword analysis. An essential tool for identifying keyword gaps and comparing your business to competitors. 

Everything else


Automate tasks and streamline processes with one easy-to-use platform, great for organising projects, clients and timelines.