Interested in joining a new body-doubling work club for freelancers and neurodivergents? 

From January 2024, we are planning to host regular co-working sessions for anybody who needs a productivity boost. Ideal for those with ADHD or anybody who needs a bit of structure to their week! 

Body doubling is a technique used to enhance focus and productivity, particularly helpful for individuals struggling with attention-related challenges.

It involves having someone else present while you engage in a task, serving as a silent companion without actively participating.

This method can provide a sense of accountability and support, reducing distractions and promoting concentration. Whether physically present or virtually connected through video calls, body doubling offers a reassuring presence, encouraging individuals to stay on track with their work or goals.

Hosted over zoom, these are hour-long sessions where you can work on whatever that hard-to-focus-on task is, with the accountability of others to stay on track. Each session will have up to 5 people.

Sessions will start with a very short hello from everybody and each will say what they plan to work on for the hour.

The next 50min will be muted deep-focus working. You can listen to your own music on headphones if it helps.

At the end of each session, everybody will have the opportunity to recap on their progress, if they wish to share.

No expectations – just show up and join in 🙂

Me, Kate 👋

I’m a freelance web designer and film festival organiser based in Margate. I discovered I had ADHD 3 years ago and have been slowly learning tools and techniques to help improve my work, focus and overall well-being. 

Initially we will aim for once or twice a week – this is an entirely new idea so it will be shaped by the participants. 

Kate will schedule regular sessions and everybody is welcome to host their own sessions at other times, or arrange in-person meet-ups, via the communal WhatsApp group. 

Nope! But the club aims to promote networking and new friendships so it’s always nice to know there a pub nearby for a social meet up. 

Want to sign up?

Register your interest below for a WhatsApp invite or join the community directly here (this will add you to the notifications feed, you can then join the sub-groups). For anybody not on WhatsApp please let us know in the form below.

Want to know more, or got a question? Contact me at