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Studio Spranks | Kate Williamson | WordPress & Squarespace Designer
Portfolio Studio Spranks website design - Bold new brand - Margate web management
Studio Spranks Website Redesign - WordPress - Animation using GIFS - Bold design Margate
Studio Spranks Website Design - Elementor - Portfolio Website New brand - Kent

Studio Spranks

A collaborative project with the former Sprankenstein Studio to design and build a portfolio website to launch alongside the new brand, ‘Studio Spranks’. 

The pitch gave the portfolio work itself a backseat to allow for the studio’s bold, playful character to shine through. 

We created an interactive landing page with a unique horizontal scroll and a colour changing background. Playful shapes and balloons were animated using a combination of css, SVG and gifs. 

Client: Studio Spranks
Year: 2022
Website: studiospranks.com

Funded by Arts Council England